AW169 is Agusta Westland’s new, twin-engine helicopter. Being developed in compliance with the latest requirements of the regulation and the state-of-the-art technology, the helicopter attains new standards in performance and safety. Unique in its class, it is a perfect complementary to the leading group of Agusta Westland in the private helicopter sector. As the choice for modern light aircraft, AW169 offers an excellent mixture of a design compliant to the signature elegance of Agusta Westland and a technological marvel.

Passengers could travel at speeds above 150 nautical miles thanks to the modern aerodynamic design which prevents delays that occur due to congested or inaccessible locations, over the destinations up to 800 km away. With automatic folding steps and easily accessible, large doors, its low-vibration cabin offers a perfect environment to take a rest.

Spacious, air-conditioned cabin of 6.3 m3 capacity and 1.4-m3 baggage section ensure that the interior space is utilized to the best possible extent for enhancing passenger comfort. Complemented with exquisite and noise-free interior thanks to special sound isolation and the best luxurious internal design, AW169 offers excellent comfort to take a rest, enjoy yourself or continue with your business during the flight, when necessary.

As a result of the perfect combination of considering the recommendations from its select customers like you and the efforts of the professional design teams over the course of years, elegant and high-quality furniture have been created.

Each piece of the wide-range interior outfitting, from eight-seat designs to luxury five-seat configurations, is designed in accordance with the special requirements of each customer.

The cockpit of AW169 combines the latest-generation electronics with unmatched outer visibility levels, to ensure maximum awareness.

The open- and special-design avionics suit includes three ea. liquid-crystal displays with 8” x 10” monitors (AMLCD); 4-axis bi-directional digital automatic pilot system (DAFCS); and flight planning system (FMS), and features single/double-pilot VFR/IFR capability with minimal workload. The navigation suit is compatible with GNSS SBAS IFR navigation (RNAV/RNP, vertical navigation and precision approach capability) and flight monitoring system requirements of cutting-edge technology (ADS-B).

The unique performance attained with the combination of the sophisticated aerodynamic design and robust PW210A turboshaft engines ensures flight capability at hot and high altitude conditions, even in case of “one engine inoperative” (O.E.I.).

The design is the most important component for Agusta Westland, in terms of safety during operations. AW169 both complies with the most stringent safety standards of FAA/EASA, Chapter 29, and is equipped with the advanced technology in its design, for example: the fuselage and seats decreasing the effects of impacts; explosion-proof motor and the unique “Oil-free Dry Operation” capability for 30 minutes for the main gearbox.

It is supported with the latest-technology emergency equipment during flights over the sea surface, such as floatation systems and lifeboats. The space and clearances of the main rotor and tail rotor have been increased, thereby enlarging the safety zone.

AW169 is equipped with two ea. new-generation, FADEC-controlled, turboshaft engines, designed for maximum efficiency, low Specific Fuel Consumption and low emissions. The last-generation propeller system is not only suitable for minimizing sound frequencies for urban area operations, but also has high aerodynamic effectiveness to ensure low resistance and decreased fuel combustion.

The brand-new design and advanced technology available in AW169 ensures also new efficiencies in the realm of maintenance. Bringing together the new reliability levels at the components; decrease in the replacement and maintenance periods; and less use of limited-life parts ensure that the helicopter is ready for flight at all times.

The advanced training programs developed for AW169 offer maximum training efficiency and safety. Agusta Westland has an experience of more than 50 years in delivering high-quality training for pilots and technicians, by means of training under the leadership of instructors in fully-equipped, modern classrooms and utilizing advanced multimedia technologies, physical and virtual training kits and Full Flight Simulators.

WEIGHT 4.5 tonne class
PROPULSION 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210A series turboshafts (1,000 shp class each) with FADEC
Certification Category EASA CS-29 / FAR Part 29 Latest Amendments
Cat. A Capability Vertical Cat. A / Class 1 up to ISA+20 at S.L.
Hovering Performances Optimised for Hot & High operations
Overall Length* 14.65m 48ft 01in
Overall Height* 4.50m 14ft 09in
Rotor Diameter 12.12m 39ft 09in
Tail Rotor Clearance 2.16m 7ft 01in
Fuselage Clearance 0.50m 1ft 08in
Cabin Dimension Width 2.05m / 6ft 09in
Height 1.32m / 4ft 04in
Length** 2.77m / 9ft 01in
Main cabin 6.3cu.m 222cu.ft.
Baggage compartment 1.4cu.m 49cu.ft.
Flight Crew 1 / 2
Passenger seating up to 10
* Rotors turning
** Dual Pilot configuration