Model AW109SP/Grandnew
Year 2013
Registration Number TC-HKK
Aircraft S/N 22299
TSN 474,56 Hours TT
Location Istanbul / Turkey



  • Aluminium alloy / composite material and bonded panel fuselage
  • Semi-monocoque aluminium alloy tail boom
  • Three-wheeled retractable landing gear
  • Two hinged jettisonable crew doors (LH and RH)
  • Two sliding passenger doors (LH and RH), 1.40 m opening, with jettisonable windows
  • Acrylic windshield and side windows
  • Acrylic overhead windows
  • Quick removable tail rotor drive shaft cover
  • Separate baggage compartment with hinged door
  • Removable fairing and cowlings, for complete accessibility to the controls and drive components
  • Swivelling front wheel with tow bar attachment
  • Quick opening hinged inspection doors, to allow visual check of engine oil levels and maintenance inspection points
  • Grounding points
  • Jacking and hoisting points 


  • Titanium main rotor hub, corrosion protected, fully articulated with four composite grips, four elastomeric bearings, four individually interchangeable composite material blades, swept tips, and dampers
  • Steel tail rotor hub, corrosion protected, semi-rigid delta hinged type, with twocomposite blades, individually interchangeable
  • Cyclic and collective controls powered by two hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulically powered anti-torque system
  • Adjustable friction devices on cyclic and collective system
  • Force trim and artificial feel system
  • Adjustable directional control pedals
  • Flapping and droop restraint mechanism
  • Pilot brake controls


  • Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207C turbo-shaft engines
  • Two independent electronic control systems (FADEC) with normal emergency and training operation modes and auto-start
  • Engine mounted fuel pump and filter assembly
  • Engine mounted oil pump and filter assembly
  • Engine mounted fuel control and governor
  • Lubrication and cooling system
  • Engine oil chip detectors (2)
  • Engine control panel
  • Two independent fuel systems with cross-feeding valve and control panel
  • 3-cell crash-resistant fuel system (575 l – 152 USgal)
  • Submerged fuel boost pump (2)
  • Airframe mounted easy access fuel filter
  • RH refuelling point
  • Ground fuel drains


  • 960 shp for takeoff and 900 shp continuous operation main transmission
  • Three-stage transmission
  • Free wheeling units (2)
  • Dual independent, redundant hydraulic systems
  • Transmission mounted hydraulic pumps (2) with separate reservoir
  • Ripple dampers (2)
  • Internal dry sump transmission lubrication with pressure and scavenge pump and oil filter
  • Transmission oil chip detectors (2)
  • Single stage, bevel gear T/R 90° gear box including oil level sight   glass and chip   detector
  • Transmission cooling and lubrication system
  • Transmission shafts


  • 24 V DC 33 Ah nickel-cadmium battery with temperature probe
  • 200 A self-cooled starter generators (2)
  • Voltage regulators (2)
  • Battery relay
  • Interconnecting bus relays (2)
  • External power relay
  • Distribution buses (1 battery, 2 essential, 2 emergency, 2 main, 2 auxiliary)
  • External power receptacle
  • Position lights
  • Taxing lights (2) and landing lights (2) on landing gear sponsons
  • Anti collision lights (2)
  • Cockpit utility lights (2)
  • Instrument lights with dimming switch
  • Radio master switch with ground function


  • Pilot flight/navigation EFIS (1 display) with slip indicator and Remote Bug Panel (RBP)
  • Radio Management System (RMS) RTU-4210 Collins (1)
  • VHF/AM VHF-4000E
  • VOR/ILS NAV-4500 Collins
  • Transponder (Mode S) TDR-94 Collins
  • Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) (1) with one dual AHRS control panel
  • Air Data Unit (ADU) (1)
  • Digital Audio Control System (DACS) NAT with one cockpit panel
  • Electronic clock (1)
  • Magnetic compass indicator (1)


  • LCD Integrated Display System (IDS)
  • Dual gas generator speed indicator (N1%)
  • Dual turbine outlet temperature indicator (TOT°C)
  • Dual torque meter indicator (TQ%)
  • Dual power turbine speed indicator (N2%)
  • Rotor speed indicator (NR %)
  • Transmission oil pressure (PSI) and temperature (°C) indicator
  • Two engine oil pressure (PSI) and temperature (°C) indicators
  • Two fuel pressure indicators (PSI)
  • Two fuel quantity indicators (kg)
  • Two fuel flow indicators (kg/hr)
  • Two flight controls hydraulic system pressure indicators (PSI)
  • Two utility hydraulic system pressure indicators (PSI)
  • Outside air temperature indicator (°C)
  • Two AC voltmeters (VAC)
  • Two DC voltmeters (VDC)
  • Two DC ammeters (Amp) 


  • Master warning lights
  • Master caution lights
  • Warning, caution and advisory messages (on IDS display)
  • Aural warning generator system
  • Engine fire detection system
  • Exceedance recorder system (on IDS display)


  • Crash-resistant pilot seat, fore and aft adjustable, with lap belts and headrest
  • Aluminium alloy honeycomb reinforced floor with anti-skid finishing
  • Ventilation ram air inlets
  • Anti reflection instrument panel 


  • Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets (pilot and co-pilot)
  • Baggage compartment lights
  • Crash-resistant co-pilot seat, fore and aft adjustable, with lap belts and headrest
  • Crew open door actuators
  • First aid kit
  • Fuel drain electrical valves
  • Internal structural provisions for utility equipment
  • Portable fire extinguisher
  • Shoulder harness with inertial reels (pilot and co-pilot)
  • Tail boom strake


  • Pilot flight / navigation EFIS (2 displays) with embedded FMS, Synthetic Vision (SVS), HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System), slip indicator and Remote Bug Panel (RBP)

(*) In lieu of basic Pilot flight/navigation EFIS (1 display) with slip indicator and Remote Bug Panel (RBP)

  • Co-pilot flight/navigation EFIS (2 displays) with embedded FMS, Synthetic Vision (SVS), HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System), slip indicator and Remote Bug Panel (RBP)
  • Reversionary Control Panel (RCP)
  • EFIS pilot/co-pilot navigation synchronization switch (FMS data)
  • Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS)
  • Second Radio Management System (RMS) RTU-4210 Collins
  • Second VHF/AM VHF-4000E Collins
  • VOR/ILS/ADF NAV-4000 Collins
  • DME DME-4000 Collins
  • Radio altimeter ALT-4000 Collins
  • Second Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)
  • Second Air Data Unit (ADU)
  • Pilot GPS/SBAS Chelton interfaced to EFIS/FMS
  • Co-pilot GPS/SBAS Chelton interfaced to EFIS/FMS
  • Digital Audio Control System (DACS) NAT additional cockpit panel
  • 4-axis dual duplex digital AFCS with integrated Flight Director
  • Second electronic clock
  • Second magnetic compass indicator
  • ELT C406-N HM Artex (with Navigation Interface Module embedded)
  • Dual controls


  • Air conditioning ECS (Environment Control System)
  • Primer finished cabin walls


  • Standard colour scheme from Company paint selection, solid colour


  • Air intake/exhaust covers
  • Ground tools kit (including tow bar, lifting tool, wheel chocks)
  • Pitot tubes covers
  • Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) and technical publications
  • Tie-down fittings (main rotor and tail rotor retention straps)


  • Emergency floats (fixed parts)
  • 5 cell crash-resistant fuel system (213 USgall)
  • Electrically operated passenger step (RH)
  • 5/6 Pax conversion Kit
  • Traffic Avoidance System TAS-620 Avidyne


Corporate Interior-6 places Passenger cabin

  • All seats crash-resistant covered with leather or fabric/leather
  • 3 fwd facing seats (aft bench) with foldable armrest and glass holder
  • 3 aft facing seats (central bench) with see-through modification and with foldable armrest and glass holder
  • Forward facing side armrests
  • 4-point shoulder harness with inertial reels and safety belts for all passenger seats
  • Super silent soundproofing
  • Liners leather/leatherette covered
  • Acoustic screen around doors
  • Cabin double layer acrylic windows
  • Customised Corporate cabin finishing
  • Decoration trim with metal inserts
  • Intercommunication system for passengers
  • Headset Bose ANR type (Qty 6)
  • Cabin loudspeakers (Qty 2)
  • Reading lights, emergency lights, floor courtesy lights
  • Passenger hooks (Qty 4)
  • Upper and lower air vents
  • Floor carpeting
  • Carpeting protection
  • Seat covers

Cockpit equipment

  • Interseat console tray with 12V power supply
  • Multipurpose holder (with space provision for fire extinguisher)
  • Right door pocket
  • Headset hooks (Qty 2)
  • Cyclic and collective leather gators
  • Curtains in cockpit on upper windows


  • Customised painting scheme 2-3 metallic colours from Company selection